S.I.T.I.M. is able to manage all the activities necessary for the realization of a product, primarily in the AUTOMOTIVE market. It also supports the design and study of the relative industrialization of products, identifying solutions for the optimization of costs and time. The organizational production skills guarantee the following steps: moulding, painting, assembly, packaging and automotive lighting solutions.

SITIM is able to perform the following production process of




Thanks to the collaboration established with some 1st level partner suppliers, S.I.T.I.M. is able to perform the following processes:

  • Cold metal sheet STAMPING, with mechanical presses up to 400 tons.
  • Plastic materials injection moulding with presses up to 1000 tons.
  • Production of particular foamed products.
  • Production and silkscreen printing by thermoforming, heat sealing, gluing and die-cutting of some particulars such as sound-absorbing, thermo-acoustic, porous, needled ones and others.
  • Production of containers with stacking coroplast panels, of various sizes and thicknesses.

Industrial Painting

SITIM is able to provide the cycle choice and the painting that best suits the customers needs.

SITIM ensuring: a customization of the service; the continuous direct contact with its customers; machinery systems and paint products.

Customers can rely on the competence of a dynamic structure organized to looks afte all the operational phases.

The peculiarity is in the ability to paint small and large parts up to a lengths of 2.30 m.

Assembling and installation of components for the automotive sector.

SITIM has projected state-of-the-art assembly and installation systems. SITIM customers include some of the largest auto manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers in the world. They rely on SITIM experience, knowledge and creativity to develop, integrate and implement some of the of most efficient and reliable just-in-time manufacturing and assembly systems available today

S.I.T.I.M. satisfies all requirements of assembly and mounting of the components purely for the Automotive sector.
Thanks to an automatic system conceived and designed directly from SITIM, such innovation ensures an economic efficiency, improving the qualitative reliability and production cycle-time, thus completely eliminating the handling operations.

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